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Located in the northeastern part of Africa, Ethiopia is commonly known as “The Horn of Africa”. Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa, having its own calendar, alphabet and clock. It is a place of the emergence of anatomically modern humans.

It is also the land of Queen Sheba, centuries-old rock-hewn churches, one of the world’s oldest surviving Christian cultures. Geographically, it is where the African Rift Valley is the most dramatic, giving way to breathtaking natural beauty, sparkling lake and abundance of birds and animals. It is also the source of the Nile, with the Blue Nile Falls often overshadowed by Victoria Falls.

By ensuring suitable accommodation and efficient transportation, our expert agents promise to organize a trip that is both adventure – filled and comfortable as possible. Call Country Holidays today for our Ethiopia luxury tour package.

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Ethiopia - An Unspoiled Corner Of Africa
From AED10,000/Adult
From AED10,000/Adult
Many think of Ethiopia as a country of little interests – only famine and barrenness. But, nothing can be further from the truth…

 Ethiopia, the only African country not colonized by the European powers, retains much of its colorful, unique and ancient heritage. This is the land of Queen Sheba, centuries-old rock-hewn churches and some of the earliest Christian archaeological sites. Geographically, it is where the African Rift Valley is the most dramatic, the source of the Nile (with an outstanding waterfall) and many stunningly beautiful national parks. It is truly unlike any country in the world.

Wings Over Remote Ethiopia with Surreal Dallol & Omo Valley Tribes
From AED34,100/Adult
From AED34,100/Adult
From the centuries-old rock-hewn churches of Lalibela to the dramatic African Rift Valley, from the boiling sulfur lakes of Dallol to the fascinating tribes of Omo River Valley, let our private jet take you through some of Ethiopia’s remotest corners and cultural hotspots.