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Home to some of the finest national and safari parks in Africa as well as the host to some of the most unique animals on the planet, Kenya is an experience like none other. Experience the migrating safari in the world-renowned Masai Mara. Capture the large population of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles as they march their way from Tanzania.

Ever heard of gerenuks? Visit the Samburu National Reserve and chance upon these odd-looking gazelles with long necks who stand on their hind legs to feed. Along with the oryx, reticulated giraffe and grevy’s zebra, these rare species thrive only in the dry north of Kenya.

We show you Kenya at its best by recommending unique lodging that cater to your needs and budgets and guarantee outside seat on safari drives.

Country Holiday tour packages in Kenya brings you into exclusive luxury camps in private concessions away from mass-market tourism, explore the country’s premier game park with some of the country’s best guides and hosts. The will start from Nairobi, and fly south to the surrounds of Amboseli National Park – best known for a large population of resident elephants for its scenic backdrop against Africa’s highest peak – Mt Kilimanjaro and visit the Maasai Mara reserve, known for its annual wildebeest migrationsCatching the wilderbeest river crossing is highly unpredictable, and requires plenty of patience and good dose of luck.Call today to explore Kenya luxury holiday tour packages from Dubai.

Best Season

Jul-Oct is cool and dry and coincides with the wildebeest migration. Dec-Mar is warm but rewarding for game viewing as animals congregate at water holes.

Kenya The Hidden Secret - An Out of Africa Experience
From AED33,200/Adult
From AED33,200/Adult

A classic African safari right into the heart of Africa wilderness, into exclusive luxury camps in private concessions away from mass-market tourism. Starting from the Central Highlands of the country, Meru National Park, Continue the journey into the beautiful Laikipia Plateau and end the trip on a high note in a private concession of the premier game park of Masai Mara.

Kenya and Tanzania Migration Fly Safari
From AED31,600/Adult
From AED31,600/Adult
From July to October, wildlife enthusiasts head to East Africa to fulfill their vision of the Great Migration – to witness tens of thousands of wildebeest plunge into the torrent of the Mara River, braving crocodiles to swim to the other bank. Catching the wildebeest river crossing is highly unpredictable, and requires plenty of patience and a good dose of luck! Equally important is being at the right place at the right time. With our extensive knowledge, we choose remote luxury camps to increase your chances of catching this amazing spectacle.
4 Days Masai Mara Getaway with &beyond
From AED8,000/Adult
4 days
From AED8,000/Adult
This program is designed for explore the wonders of this reserve on expertly guided walking safaris and twice-daily game drives, encountering a plethora of wildlife that includes the Big Five and the awe-inspiring Great Migration, and staying in the luxury lodges.