Madagascar Tour & Travel Packages from Dubai

Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world. It situated at the coast of east Africa, across the Mozambique Channel, and straddles the Tropic of Capricorn.

Madagascar is protected by the government, most protected areas are open to visitors. The park and the concession fees incurred on a tour in Madagascar will contribute to the maintainence of reserves, with some economic benefits go to local communities ensuring that Madagascar's tourist industry grows sustainably.

Discover this extraordinary biodiversity and the disturbingly fast pace of environmental impacts make Madagascar a world conservation priority with thousands of animal species – like lemurs, plus rainforests, beaches and reefs.

Together with Country Holidays, the award winning photographer, Catalin Marin, will bring us into exotic landscape and discover this part of the world many do not have the chance to visit. Call today for a Madagascar tour packages from Dubai.

Best Season

June - Oct

Cool and mostly dry

Madagascar - Kingdom of Lemurs
From AED29,500/Adult
From AED29,500/Adult

Madagascar showcases the very best of the wild, weird yet wonderful world. There is nowhere else in the world like Madagascar, five per cent of the world’s known animal and plant species are found here; and only here. Be impressed by the magic of natural power, from the sandstone wonders of Isalo to the “upside down” Baobab tress. After a long journey around this extensive island, indulge in a unique and exceptional lodge nestled on the coastline facing the Indian Ocean.

Madagascar Air Safari | 13 to 25 Jun 2018
From AED32,530/Adult
12 days | Small Group Departures | 13 - 25 Jun 2018
From AED32,530/Adult

Nature lover's paradise - Madagascar has more species of endemic flora and fauna than any other places on earth. Most famous among them are the Lemurs. Learn more about these primates with Professor Jonah Ratsimbazafy, a leading primatologist.

Madagascar Air Safari
From AED28,130/Adult
From AED28,130/Adult
Madagascar has more species of endemic flora and fauna than any other places on earth. Let our private charter flight take you to the remotest corner of the country to experience its incredible terrain and diversity which is otherwise impossible.