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Antarctica is a land of extremes. It is at Earth’s southernmost continent, the coldest and driest, windiest continent on Earth and located closest to the South Pole. 

This vast “White Continent” was once the domain of scientific expeditions and explorers but in recent years, discerning travelers have braved rough sea crossing aboard ice-strengthened vessels, to be rewarded in the world’s last true wilderness area with an amazing scenery and tremendous and unique wildlife.

Antarctica tour packages you can discover the wilderness-spectacular iceberg sculptures with calving glaciers and abundance of wildlife features Silversea’s Explorer and Quark’s Ocean Diamond. A quick crossing allows time for exploration of the Antarctica Peninsula-find huge glacier with coastline etched with spectacular maze of fjords .The peninsula’s isolated including many penguins. Call Country Holiday now for the Antarctica luxury tour package that’s perfect for you.


Best Season

Nov - Mar


Antarctic Fly-Cruise Expedition
From AED54,300/Adult
From AED54,300/Adult

Access the remotest continent on earth via a 2 hour flight across the Drake Passage to King George Island. A quick crossing allows time for extensive exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula – find huge glaciers with coastline etched with a spectacular maze of fjords and channel sheltering an abundance of wildlife. Complete your journey with tours of the Chilean capital, Santiago.

Antarctic Explorer
From AED42,840/Adult
From AED42,840/Adult

Discover the Antarctic wilderness – spectacular iceberg sculptures with calving glaciers and abundance of wildlife. Let us help you choose the right ship and expedition – whether it is an adventure or a luxurious sailing. This itinerary features Silversea’s Silver Explorer and Quark’s Ocean Diamond.

Walk the Patagonia and Fly into Antarctic I 15 to 31 Dec 2017
From AED88,400/Adult
From AED88,400/Adult
Appreciate the beauty of ice and snow with our trip to the far south of the world. This trip shows you the amazing glaciers and the mysterious Antarctic Peninsula in the most comfortable way, yet adventurous one. With the newly renovated vessel by Antarctica XXI – Hebridean Sky, we avoid the stormy sea of Drake Passage and fly into Antarctica with style and comfort. Enjoy the soft adventures on the land surrounded by huge ices and glaciers, as well as to observe the amazing wildlife congregate along the peninsula.