Beijing & Xian

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China is one of the most famous destinations for holidays and vacations due to its numerous tourist attractions and unbelievably rich culture. In fact, according to the Tourism Bureau of the Republic of China, there were at total of 7.5 million visits into the country in 2015 solely for the purpose of pleasure.

Simply told, The Red Dragon is where you can enjoy an astonishing wealth of travels and experiences in just one place. And you can experience the best the country has to offer with a variety of China tour packages from Dubai, only here at Country Holidays.

Redefining holiday tours in the Red Dragon

Our holiday packages will bring you to some of the most awe-inspiring tourist locations such as the iconic Great Wall of China in Beijing, the Terracota Army in Xi’an, the Yangtze River in Yichang, the Potala Palace in Lhasa, and the Yellow Mountains in the Anhui Province.

If you are a foodie who is in search of new gustatory experiences, you will never run out of new dishes and brews to try out as well. Our tour packages can take you to the Huangshuan City in the Anhui Province, which is well-known for its splendid tea brewing culture, or the city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province, where you will find the spiciest variations of the Chinese cuisine.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in the ethnic festivals and holidays in China, then a trip to Kaili City in Guizhou Province during the month of November would allow you to witness the enchanting traditions of the Miao people, which features a mixture of conventional customs such as singing and dancing, with the more peculiar variations such as bull fighting and horse racing.

Highly affordable packages

At Country Holidays, we believe new experiences are a kind of wealth that can forever be treasured. As such, we make it our mission to bring opportunities like these within reach of more people by creating affordable holiday packages that are packed with the promise of new experiences.

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Pleasant and visually stunning Spring and Autumn

Beijing the Finest – with Aman Summer Palace
From AED8,100/Adult
4 days
From AED8,100/Adult

Just steps from the east gate of the Summer Palace grounds, lies Aman at Summer Palace. A serene retreat with peaceful courtyards, this hidden gem provides you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the ultimate luxury in the ancient capital.

Family Fun for Beijing
From AED4,440/Adult
From AED4,440/Adult

Beijing is a fascinating city for families. Various interesting activities can be arranged to provide you opportunities to learn and discover the Chinese culture on your own and also a great time for family bonding.

Insight of Beijing with Great Wall
From AED5,800/Adult
5 days
From AED5,800/Adult

Under the modern face of Beijing, we will bring you a less-crowded way to discover the hints of history and immerse into the local culture of the ancient capital. The ancient face of the city is always most charming!

Beijing & Xi’an Tale of Two Capitals
From AED7,300/Adult
7 days
From AED7,300/Adult

Serving as capitals for Ancient China, Beijing and Xi’an played different roles in the Chinese history. This 7-day journey will trace back to ancient China and uncover the fascinating past of the two cities. This program has something for everyone – from history buffs to families seeking a good mix of fun and discovery!