Northeast China

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Northeast China is a place of climatic extremes.

Northeast China was the homeland of several ethnic groups, Northeast China is the country’s traditionalindustrialbase, focusing mainly on equipment manufacturing, historically also known as Manchuria, is a geographicalregion of China.

Every year from late December to early February, Harbin hosts one of the world’s most fascinating Snow & Ice Festivals. In the neighboring Jilin, winter landscape can be enjoyed through its "Wusong". When winter approaches, branches of the willow trees are covered with glittering ice. When the sun shines through, a willow tree looks like a crystal statue.

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for the Snow and Ice festival

Harbin And Jilin - Ice Wonderland
From AED8,400/Adult
From AED8,400/Adult

Home to the annual Ice Festival, Harbin is host to one of the world's most fascinating winter wonderlands! In the neighboring province, Jilin, when winter approaches, branches of the willow trees are covered with glitter ice.  Under light, trees look like crystal statues.

Harbin - Ice Wonderland
From AED6,300/Adult
From AED6,300/Adult

Renowned as the home of ice and snow, Harbin holds the annual Ice Sculpture Festival from January to early February. The colorful glittering ice sculptures decorate this northern snowy city and draw many admirers from all over the world.