One of the three Baltic Sisters that line the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, Latvia stands out as one of the greenest countries in the world, perfect for the nature lovers!
Lose yourself in Latvia’s pristine natural sites with its seas, lakes, forests and all. The Gauja National Park and Razna National Park, just to name a few, are lovely places for one to engage in outdoor activities. Riga, the Gothic capital, presents itself as a highly vibrant and cosmopolitan city that one is sure to enjoy!

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Mar – May & Sep - Oct

Baltic Sea Sisters Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania With Finland
From AED16,200/Adult
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From AED16,200/Adult

A land of medieval towns, crumbling castles, pagan rituals, towering pine forests, quaking lakelands – this is Baltic States. All of these 3 Baltic States were under Soviet over 300 years and only separated from the mega power around 25 years ago, have interesting story to tell. Each city offering its own kind of charm.

Oceania Marina: Cruising with Elegance
From AED11,140/Adult
From AED11,140/Adult

Intimate and luxurious, Marina blends sophistication with a contemporary flair to create a casually elegant ambiance.