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Finland is blessed with a vast expanse of pristine natural beauty and contrasts. Four times a year, nature changes its uniform completely – colour, light, temperature, sounds and smells. This means that your every visit will be different with different outdoor soft-adventures!

In winter, the north is turned into a winter wonderland with some of the most outstanding travel experiences such as sleeping in an igloo, go on a snow mobile in search of the north light…..In summer, the country is lush and offers many hiking opportunities and is vibrant with music and festivals. And its capital Helsinki is a vibrant cosmopolitan city with a well preserved historical center.

We show you Finland at its best by some of the most special and stunning experiences and organizing them into a seamless itinerary. Some of the out activities such as Nordic skiing, golf fishing, yachting, lake cruising, hiking and kayaking. For wildlife activities experience the bird watching and hunting which is very popular,common game and also annual Opera festival.

Our expertise and years of experience ensure that you get you the best recommendations for your hotel choices, excellent guides, unique activities and memorable holiday tour. Call Country Holiday now to find Finland luxury tour packages from Dubai.

Best Season

Oct-Mar &


Also - September sees beautiful autumn foilage.

Swedish & Finnish Lapland Fun
From AED12,890/Child
From AED12,890/Child

Be based away from the usual tourist trail, and enjoy a series of tasteful winter activities done in the most personalized and flexible way! This program is designed for those seeking a perfect winter holiday with unique experiences at good value and is ideal from December to early April.

Finland And Norway Husky and Reindeer Adventure
From AED12,970/Adult
From AED12,970/Adult

Immerse in the authentic Finnish and Norwegian Lapland way of life in search of the Northern Lights. Spend your nights under the magical starry night sky and have your heart stolen by the majestic sled dogs at the Husky Farm. Perfect for those with a love of adventure and some good ol’ rustic charm. 

Baltic Sea Sisters Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania With Finland
From AED16,200/Adult
10 days
From AED16,200/Adult

A land of medieval towns, crumbling castles, pagan rituals, towering pine forests, quaking lakelands – this is Baltic States. All of these 3 Baltic States were under Soviet over 300 years and only separated from the mega power around 25 years ago, have interesting story to tell. Each city offering its own kind of charm.

Finnish Luxury Hideaway
From AED17,510/Adult
From AED17,510/Adult
Enjoy the best of this Winter Wonderland in luxury lodges handpicked for you. Experience the peaceful artic nature and winter adventures with five star personalized services. This is an exclusive experience perfect for couples and friends seeking hideaway.
Northern Lights in Lapland

The easiest way to see the Northern Lights is to stay with the crowd in the Nordic countries, and embark on the coach for Northern Lights Hunt on the coach. However, this is not the way we do.

We prefer to stay in a boutique lodge in a remote locations where the light pollution is minimum, and enjoy the dance of the northern lights just outside our doorstep, while sipping a cup of hot chocolate probably. In the day time, we entertain ourselves by joining winter activities in the winter wonderland.