Norway Luxury Tour | Norway Tour Packages from Dubai

Kingdom of Norway is famous of its fjords; some of them are listed on the UNESCO world heritage listed. Norway offers wide range of outdoor activities in the pollution free air and natural wilderness. It is also known for fishing, hiking and skiing.

In the Northern Norway you can be amazed by the Northern Lights during winter and Midnight sun during summer months. Meet the indigenous Sami people and learn about the history of Vikings.

Spitsbergen is part of the Svalbard Islands in the Arctic Ocean half way between Norway and North Pole – is a place of untouched arctic wilderness. Enjoy tranquility and space of this pristine destination where over 60% of landmass is covered by glaciers and there are estimated to be more polar bears than inhabitants.

It is also known for fishing, hiking and skiing. Stunning and dramatic scenery and landscape is found throughout Norway the most visually impressive coastal sceneries in the world.

In the Northern  Norway experience a combination of luxurious living, fine dining and adventure. Immerse the authentic way of life in the Finish and Norwegian Lapland and enjoy the Arctic Nightless lights. On winter season experience winter activities such as driving your own dog-sled team or spend time with the reindeer herders then spend your nights in unique accommodations such as the Aurora Bubble, traditional log cabins and snow hotel! Call Country Holidays UAE today and find the holiday package that's perfect for you.

Best Season

Oct-Mar for winter activities

May-Aug for summer season

Mar-May for Spitsbergen winter

Norway Northern Lights In Style - Hidden Gem In The Lyngen Alps
From AED18,630/Adult
From AED18,630/Adult

Enjoy the best of northern Norway that promises stunning landscapes, deep fjords and winter adventures. Admire the beauty of Lofoten Islands and the charming Tromso. End your trip at Lyngen fjords in Northern Norway – combining luxurious living, fine dining and adventure.

Finland And Norway Husky and Reindeer Adventure
From AED12,970/Adult
From AED12,970/Adult

Immerse in the authentic Finnish and Norwegian Lapland way of life in search of the Northern Lights. Spend your nights under the magical starry night sky and have your heart stolen by the majestic sled dogs at the Husky Farm. Perfect for those with a love of adventure and some good ol’ rustic charm. 

Adventure in Norway's Fjords
From AED18,000/Adult
7 days
From AED18,000/Adult

Summer in Norway: Picture breathtaking fjords and the spellbinding midnight sun, charming towns and soft adventure! Visit the capital of Norway- Oslo and visit the European city of Culture-Bergen! Enjoy hiking in the nature’s own work of art – fjords and immerse yourself in the pure and tasty local food culture.

Enchanting Northern Norway
From AED25,560/Adult
9 days
From AED25,560/Adult

This trip takes you to Northern Norway, where you can enjoy the Arctic ‘nightless’ nights! Relax and enjoy the luxurious mountain lodge during the time of Midnight Sun and immerse in the local atmosphere and adventure of the Lofoten Islands. Be dazzled by the mountain peaks, sheltered inlets, beautiful beaches and not forgetting the charming fishing villages.

Complete Norway
From AED37,480/Adult
From AED37,480/Adult

Embark on this 14 day adventure that voyage you along the Norwegian coast. Sail from the Artic wilderness of northern Norway to the south and be dazzled with some of the world’s most beautiful fjords along the coast!

Northern Lights in Lapland

The easiest way to see the Northern Lights is to stay with the crowd in the Nordic countries, and embark on the coach for Northern Lights Hunt on the coach. However, this is not the way we do.

We prefer to stay in a boutique lodge in a remote locations where the light pollution is minimum, and enjoy the dance of the northern lights just outside our doorstep, while sipping a cup of hot chocolate probably. In the day time, we entertain ourselves by joining winter activities in the winter wonderland. 

Nordic Adventure with Fjord Cruise - Oceania Marina
From AED23,690/Adult
From AED23,690/Adult

Get in touch with your adventurous side with sweeping travels through cities and villages of Norway and on into Sweden, Germany and Denmark. This voyage richly delivers the dramatic beauty, history and fascination of northern lands.

Arctic Cruise to Spitsbergen in Private Yacht
From AED72,000/Adult
From AED72,000/Adult
Get up close to the mystical Arctic with the freedom and comfort of a private yacht. Cruise fjords choked with icebergs, kayak in bays with tumbling glaciers, search for polar bears, narwhals and walruses amidst the ice tundra in this one-of-a-kind adventure.