Sweden Luxury Travel Packages from Dubai

Sweden stretches out in over 1572 kilometres in the direction north-south, its countryside is unusually varied.It is a Scandinavian nation of thousand of coastal island, inland lakes, forest and mountains. It’s capital is home to royal places, parland, and museums.

Fantastic tours can be made through all the different landscapes, traditional villages and modern cities. The four seasons of the year and each season you are able to experience different kind of nature and activities.

Your visit to Sweden enjoy luxurious living with gourmet food, local fine dining, shops at the independent botiques. Relax in the top rated wilderness destination and experience of floating hotel. Delivers a refined yet authentic Tree Hotel experience. Our carefully selected accommodations will allow you to indulge in luxury while staying in characteristic hotels and gourmet restaurants. Call today to explore a luxury holiday tour packages.

Best Season

Oct-Mar &



Swedish & Finnish Lapland Fun
From AED12,890/Child
From AED12,890/Child

Be based away from the usual tourist trail, and enjoy a series of tasteful winter activities done in the most personalized and flexible way! This program is designed for those seeking a perfect winter holiday with unique experiences at good value and is ideal from December to early April.

Sweden in Wilderness and Comfort
From AED19,540/Adult
From AED19,540/Adult
This itinerary will offer you the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy the excitements of the wilderness, yet with comfort. End your trip with a unique tree house accommodation for an added touch of rustic comfort!
Gastronomic Nordic - the Fine Foods and Good Life of Sweden and Denmark
From AED20,950/Adult
7 days | Gourmet & Wine
From AED20,950/Adult

Experience Gourmet Kingdoms of the Nordic Region, one where you can enjoy luxurious living with gourmet food. Enjoy local favorites and Michelin Starred fine dining; shop at independent boutiques that best bring out the characters of Copenhagen and Stockholm! Relax in the top 10 rated wilderness destination in the Western Archipelago of Sweden. Enjoy the experience of floating hotel with lobster dinners and herring lunches.

Northern Lights in Lapland

The easiest way to see the Northern Lights is to stay with the crowd in the Nordic countries, and embark on the coach for Northern Lights Hunt on the coach. However, this is not the way we do.

We prefer to stay in a boutique lodge in a remote locations where the light pollution is minimum, and enjoy the dance of the northern lights just outside our doorstep, while sipping a cup of hot chocolate probably. In the day time, we entertain ourselves by joining winter activities in the winter wonderland. 

Oceania Marina: Cruising with Elegance
From AED11,140/Adult
From AED11,140/Adult

Intimate and luxurious, Marina blends sophistication with a contemporary flair to create a casually elegant ambiance.

Nordic Adventure with Fjord Cruise - Oceania Marina
From AED23,690/Adult
From AED23,690/Adult

Get in touch with your adventurous side with sweeping travels through cities and villages of Norway and on into Sweden, Germany and Denmark. This voyage richly delivers the dramatic beauty, history and fascination of northern lands.