Travel photographs capture beautiful destinations, vibrant colors, and different people and customs.

Country Holidays offers photography trips for photographers wanting to improve their skills.   Tours are led by international award winning photographers, who will guide you along for photography and hold critic sessions to help you improve on your photos.

Yangon, Bagan & Inle Lake Photography Trip with Bobby Lee
8 days | Myanmar | 21 Feb - 04 Jan 2018
From AED13,920/Adult

Document this changing country before it's lost in the wheel of time with Bobby Lee. Extend your stay to include the breathtaking Inle Lake, home to the iconic one leg-paddling fishermen. Here, meet a local Shan family, and hear stories about the vanishing tribes and clans of Burma.

Caucasus Photography Workshop with Bobby Lee | 27 Apr - 06 May 2017
10 days | Georgia | 29 Apr - 08 May 2017
From AED18,890/Adult

Explore the nations that make up the South Caucasus, rich in ancient cultures and diverse landscapes. Follow renowned photographer Bobby Lee to discover the bizarre landscape, remote monastic life and cave murals of a haunted monastery, delight in the great food and wine at a local wine house in a lovely countryside setting, and in an optional extension, visit a local carpet factory and watch the local women making the Azerbaijan carpets. 

Classic Iran Photography Workshop with Bobby Lee | 25 Sep - 08 Oct 2017
12 days | Iran | 27 Sep - 10 Oct 2017
From AED22,680/Adult

Unveil the splendid Persian culture and get stories of Iranian’s unique, happy life through their friendly smiles. Follow renowned photographer Bobby Lee to discover the magnificent ruins at Persepolis, fascinating old cities, oasis towns in the middle east and the architecturally stunning city of Esfahan. The trip is concluded with a visit to the National Museum of Archaeology in Tehran - the Iranian capital, and the amazing Crown Jewels Museum.



Luang Prabang Photography Trip with Bobby Lee
4 days | Laos | 20 Feb - 03 Jan 2018
From AED8,820/Adult

Capture the colourful Alms ritual with local monks; join students of a local school for their lessons; and deive into the serene life of a local monestery. Discover Luang Prabang through your lens with award-winning photographer, Bobby Lee.

Yangon & Bagan Photography Trip with Bobby Lee
5 days | Myanmar | 19 Feb - 02 Jan 2018
From AED7,350/Adult

Witness the lighting of 1,000 oil lamps at the Shwedagon pagoda and visitis to local artisan workshops with Bobby Lee. Sharpen your technics while exploring the colourful culture of Myanmar